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Find volunteer opportunities in Thailand and Thai organizations that can be contacted directly. Whether you want to volunteer with wildlife, work with children or teach English, there is no need to pay middle-man or agency fees. The principle goal of this website is to provide opportunities to volunteer in Asia for free.

If you have questions about volunteering in Thailand or want to apply click on the logo of the project that interests you. This will take you to the website of the Thai organization (via the launch of a new web browser) where you can find out more about the volunteer opportunities and the application procedure.

Please contact Volunteer Work Thailand if you find a broken web link or want to suggest a Thai organization for the Volunteer Thailand web pages.


The Brackett Foundation dba Brackett Refugee Education Fund provides educational programs and scholarships for Burmese refugees in Thailand, Bangladesh and India. We currently support over two hundred university students a year, focusing on those who desire to serve their communities with new skills. After 18 years of work, we now have many teachers, doctors, nurses, public health officers, engineers, social workers, lawyers, agricultural specialists, foresters and environmentalists working in Thailand.

Location: We work with communities and students along the border with Myanmar, including Rachaburi, Kanchanaburi, Tak, Mae Hong Son, Chiang Rai, and Chiang Mai provinces. We work in both provincial capitals and small rural villages.
Volunteer Work: Over a minimum one-week period in rural Thailand, Trustee Representatives interview and select student applicants for scholarships to attend universities in Thailand. Throughout the balance of the year, the volunteers mentor and maintain online contact with the students, reviewing written reports, grade reports and ensuing compliance with the Foundation's requirements.
Commitment: We prefer a minimum four-year commitment to allow the volunteers to follow their students from university admission through graduation. The volunteers must spend at least one week in Thailand each year and be available to spend a few hours each month communicating with their students.
Cost: Volunteers are responsible for their own expenses; the Foundation issues a letter that volunteers use in claiming a tax-deduction for US taxpayers.


Karenni Social Development Center was established in 2002 by graduates of Earthrights School Burma. SDC aims to educate post-10 Karenni students in human rights, environment, law and English. We are based in Nai Soi, Mae Hong Son, Thailand and we are in need of volunteer teachers on a regular basis. Karenni Social Development Center aims to educate post-10 Karenni students in human rights, environment, law and English.

Location: Nai Soi, Mae Hong Son, Thailand
Volunteer Work: Social Development Center is currently accepting applications to teach one or more of the following subjects at our boarding school in Northern Thailand: Human Rights; International Law; English. Responsibilities include teaching 4 hours per day, Monday through Friday.
Commitment: 3 months minimum
Cost: Volunteers live at the school, located near Nai Soi, 30 minutes from Mae Hong Son. Free room and board, including three daily meals prepared by the students, will be provided.


Gibbon Rehabilitation Project (GRP) is a part of Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand (WARF). It has been dedicated since 1992 in developing rehabilitation methods to bring captive-raised gibbons back to their natural habitat. The gibbons that were rescued or brought to the project were taken from the wild at a young age; thus, they have to go through a series of rehabilitation stages in a semi-forest enclosure for several years to fully reclaim their natural behaviour. While it is crucial that context with humans is kept to the minimum, help and devotion from the staff and volunteers play an important role during this rehabilitation process.

Location: Paklock, Thalang, Phuket Island, Southern Thailand
Volunteer Work: You may participate in the following activities: assisting the Animal Keepers (preparing food, feeding); assisting the Gibbon Release Research program; building, maintaining and enrichment of cages; daily cleaning of the cages; giving talks to visitors, telling them of your experiences as a volunteer and the background of the animals at the project, as well as enlightening them on the current situation of protected wildlife in Thailand; teaching in local schools.
Commitment: 3 weeks minimum
Cost: If you can stay 3 months or longer we do not charge any volunteer fee, just a 30,000 Thai baht deposit to secure your placement. 70% of this deposit is refundable on completion of your volunteering time. You have free accommodation, WIFI, kitchen, laundry room and transport. For a shorter period, please email us.


Volunt2Thai V2T, Volunteer to Thailand is a relief project in the north-eastern region of Thailand, called Issan. We take care of 5 farming villages, together 1200 inhabitants (650 children and mainly elderly people). We especially support the children, to build them a self-determined future.

Location: Ban Nong Phong, Tambon Ban Lao, Amphoe Phen, Udon Thani
Volunteer Work: Volunteers work with the community, establish new friendships and have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences. Volunteers should have completed high school; there is no upper age restriction. There are many opportunities available to volunteers to work within the social system of the villages such as kindergarten and preschool teaching in the village school, work in the local temples, and even nursing, physical therapy and hospital work. Volunteers can also do administrative NGO work and see what it takes to set up and run an aid organization, all while learning Thai.
Commitment: 1 month minimum
Cost: V2T Volunteers receive free accommodation and food. Donations are appreciated to help cover the expenses.


Ban ObOun provides a safe home/shelter to strays, mistreated or injured dogs that originated from the city of Bangkok.

Location: Province of Uthai Thani (280 km north of Bangkok)
Volunteer Work: We welcome volunteers seeking to experience true local life and sharing with us the shelter's daily life: waking up (early the morning), feeding, cleaning bathing and wishing to give a big dose of cuddles to our four-legged friends. Due to the very hot conditions during March to June, only very motivated people are requested to apply. Starting date on Saturday only.
Commitment: 2 weeks minimum
Cost: 250 Thai Baht per day which includes accommodation, 3 meals a day, electricity and water.


Happy Healing Home is a place to learn and experience Lanna-culture, Buddhism and old knowledge that is close to be forgotten. Pinan Jim, his wife Tea and their son Lunktung live on their sustainable organic farm in a small village in the mountains of northern Thailand. They have knowledge about herbs, meditation, Lanna-cooking, breeding cocks and animals, surviving in the forest, organic gardening and sustainable lifestyle, building with natural materials, Buddhism (Pinan Jim was a monk for 16 years) and playing and singing Lanna-songs

Location: Pangturm Village, Chiang Mai Province
Volunteer Work: We believe that we can gain experience and learn a lot through doing. In daily life the volunteers can learn about organic gardening, taking care the animals (chicken, pigs, buffalos, fish, etc.) and plants, building with natural materials, Lanna-cooking and Lanna-culture. The daily work also depends on the season.
Commitment: 1 week minimum
Cost: We ask for 150 Thai Baht a day for food, accommodation and getting a lot of life-lessons.


Thailand Teach / Volunteerinn is a Community Based Organization. We started our programs because vocational training and other forms of education are much needed in Thailand, especially for the unprivileged youngsters in rural areas. We initiate sharing of ideas by involving participants in Thai cultures, lifestyles, traditions, while staying and involving themselves with the daily life of local villagers. Thai cooking, language, farming, charcoal lessons will also be offered. Main group of the educational activities is poor children (mainly primary school students and also some in secondary schools), as their lives in most instances can be difficult. You don't have to be a teacher! Just a willingness to teach English by simply giving students a chance to listen to speak English! Learning by heart, learning grammar, with opportunities to improve conversational skills.

Location: Bang Rachan, Singburi Province
Volunteer Work: Welcome everyone to volunteer in English, art, music, theater, sports, swimming, medical or any talent to benefit children. Reach out to people to volunteer and contribute their valuable time, talent, and expertise that bring unforgettable moments and a heart warming and rewarding experience for all participants. Contribute to the rural communities and motivate the local children, families and villagers to get to know the outside world through cultural exchange, hope, strength and joy.
Commitment: 1 week minimum
Cost: A fee of around US$16.50 a day is requested to cover expenses. Other option with at least 2 week's notice is a private or semi private room in our guest house. Both are very close to the villagers in the communities where you will volunteer. We try our best to accommodate volunteers who travel alone and request shared accommodation. Please understand due to gender, time of the year, schedules, or other reasons it may not always be possible or available.


Sangob Foundation is a small NGO working at promoting ancient agricultural/cultural/artistic traditions. We have been active in our area for over 4 years now. At our location, we aim at demonstrating Permaculture techniques (natural building, compost, organic fertilizer and insect repellent, food forest, etc) and regularly organise hands-on workshops. We also help other organisations to become self-sustainable. Our outreach projects consist of promoting traditional/ethnic music and dance through donating music instruments to disadvantaged children while providing them with free lessons for an entire year. We also organise regular concerts and music festival to keep these traditions alive.

Location: San Pa Yang village (35km north of Chiang Mai), Mae Taeng district
Volunteer Work: We are looking for volunteers to help us maintain and develop our food forest. Volunteers will have to help us making compost, fertilizer, insect repellent, planting trees and veggies, watering, making beds for herbs and vegetables, mulching, maintain the land but also help us with any natural building projects (straw bale and mud). Volunteers are expected to work from 9am-12am + 2pm-4pm Saturdays and Sundays are off.
Commitment: 1 week minimum, 1 year maximum (visa and work permit can be provided for long term volunteer)
Cost: 4000 Thai Baht per week for the first month. 2500 Thai Baht per week for the 2nd and 3rd month. Free after the third month. The fee includes accommodation and vegetarian food (3 meals per day, except at the weekend: only breakfast). Please note that all profits are used for financing our outreach projects.


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