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Find volunteer opportunities in Thailand and Thai organizations that can be contacted directly. Whether you want to volunteer with wildlife, work with children or teach English, there is no need to pay middle-man or agency fees. The principle goal of this website is to provide opportunities to volunteer in Asia for free.

If you have questions about volunteering in Thailand or want to apply click on the logo of the project that interests you. This will take you to the website of the Thai organization (via the launch of a new web browser) where you can find out more about the volunteer opportunities and the application procedure.

Please contact Volunteer Work Thailand if you find a broken web link or want to suggest a Thai organization for the Volunteer Thailand web pages.


Phrao Organic Farm is a small certified 'Organic Thailand' orchard with more than 1,000 fruit trees, including guava, passion fruit, mango, rose apple, papaya, banana, and jackfruit. The farm sells its high-quality fruit throughout Thailand.

Location: Ampur Phrao (100 kilometres north of Chiang Mai)
Volunteer Work: We provide farm work such as building earth houses, making compost, seeding, planting, picking fruits and vegetables, feeding ducks and fish as well as fun activities like Thai cooking or biking to explore neighbour farms and villages. We also open to anyone who is interested in a voluntary job exchange. We accept WWOOFers during our fruit season which starts from May to October. Jobs may include building earth houses, seeding, planting, fruit picking, fruit wrapping, tree pruning, EM and compost making, manure application, herbal crop spraying, feeding animals and yard work.
Commitment: 2 weeks minimum
Cost: WWOOFers receive free accommodation and food. Farm workers pay 300 Thai Baht per day which includes accommodation and all meals.


Habitat for Humanity Thailand is a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating poverty housing and homelessness by constructing simple, decent and affordable houses with low-income families

Location: Throughout Thailand
Volunteer Work: Habitat for Humanity Thailand relies on volunteers to build homes and hope in Thailand. Volunteers can help out in a regular program or a disaster response program.
Commitment: 2 weeks maximum
Cost: There is no cost to participate but volunteers must cover their own living expenses.


In Search of Sanuk directly provides food, shelter, and educational support for survivors of torture and trauma, focusing special attention on at risk women and girls.

Location: Bangkok
Volunteer Work: We are currently looking for volunteers one or more of the following skills or another relevant skill and appropriate experience: chef/nutritionist; doctors of psychiatry, paediatrics, or related fields; advocacy; grant writing; program development.
Commitment: 4 weeks minimum
Cost: There is no cost to participate but volunteers must cover their own living expenses in Bangkok.


ThaiCraft is an independent "Fair Trade" company marketing quality handicrafts made by village groups of artisans in all parts of Thailand. Our objectives are to generate a fair income for village artisans, to help keep alive the diverse craft traditions in Thailand, to promote and practise the principles of Fair Trade.

Location: Throughout Thailand
Volunteer Work: Volunteers assist Thai artisans in disadvantaged communities to help themselves. Many volunteers use their own professional skills to benefit those in need but there are also many essential tasks that simply require the enthusiasm to be a part of a useful and fun project. Volunteers work closely with artisans at Fairs and visit craft producers' villages throughout the country. Volunteers gain an intimate insight into traditional Thai life and culture.
Commitment: 4 weeks minimum
Cost: There is no cost to participate but volunteers must cover their own living expenses.


Global Village Thailand (GVS) is a registered company in Thailand set up for the sole purpose of developing and running a community based international school. Currently we have 18 pre-school children. We will be opening a pre-school to grade 7 school this September and we need some help before we get started and then after we get stated. The community of Koh Lanta is 20,000 people living on a beautiful tropical island. The main business is tourism. Koh Lanta does not have an International School and it will make the community a much more attractive place to raise children if there is one. This is a ground floor opportunity to come and help make a learning environment for the kids. Education is the surest way out of poverty.

Location: Koh Lanta, Krabi Province in southern Thailand
Volunteer Work: This opportunity is open to ALL (must speak English or Thai). Specific jobs categories. 1) Toy Makers (June - September 2015): A group of people who are good with tools and are creative. We will be building a playground and some play things for children to be used by children registering for the fall school. 2) Painters, Cleaners, Builders: The building that we have covers almost 1.5 Rai. It is a big space and it needs cleaning and painting and getting it ready for occupancy. 3) Teacher Aids (September 2015 - June 2016): The people applying for this position must provide a current police check in order to have a placement. Students with a degree in education or experience working with small children are preferred. We want to form 3 crews of 2-3 people each for every job category.
Commitment: 1 month minimum
Cost: GVS provides free accommodation and 2 meals per day. People will be staying at the school in designated staff rooms.


Wat and Poh are a young Karen couple in their early 30's living a simple, but sustainable life in the Mae Wang district in Thailand. Wat and Poh have 2 young sons. We invite volunteers to join us in our home to help with our organic farm and learn about Karen culture.

Location: Mae Wang district, about 2 hours South West of Chiang Mai.
Volunteer Work: Volunteers help with a variety of farming and building tasks. Maximum work expectation is 5 hours per day.
Commitment: 1 week minimum
Cost: 250 Thai Baht per person per day towards the cost of food and lodging. There are no shops or restaurants that are accessible from the village.


Asalanta (Asian Sustainable Academy) is a little earthen village on a tropical island in the south of Thailand. Volunteers get the ultimate experience of a happy, healthy, basic life, living in one of AsaLanta's earthen houses in the jungle! The volunteer program aims to develop skills in sustainable living including natural farming, natural building, and natural healing.

Location: Koh Lanta Krabi, Thailand.
Volunteer Work: Volunteers help the project along and learn lots while working for three hours in the morning. The work involves, among others: weeding, planting, making earthen bricks, building, painting, welcoming and educating visitors. On your afternoons and two days a week off per week there is the opportunity to join extra workshops or explore the beautiful island.
Commitment: 1 week minimum
Cost: 4000 Thai Baht for the first week and 3500 Thai Baht for the subsequent weeks. The fee includes accommodation and two meals a day (only breakfast at weekends).


Baantorfun is a small kindergarten right on the border of the provinces of Bangkok and Samut Sakorn. We believe that the size of schools and classrooms matters to the quality of education and the development of our children. Knowledge, love and safety are what are most important to us.

Location: Samut Sakorn, Bangkok
Volunteer Work: We are looking for long term volunteers to share their knowledge and teach our young learners English through fun activities, arts and crafts. You have the opportunity to give private English lessons in the evenings or weekends to earn some extra money.
Commitment: 10 months minimum
Cost: We provide free accommodation (with air conditioning, satellite TV, DVD Player, wireless internet, king sized bed, sofa and a fridge), free meals (including a western breakfast and Thai style lunch and dinner), laundry service, bicycle to get around, visa, work permit, teaching permit, a little pocket money and of course any kind of teaching material you need.


Akha Hill House guesthouse helps the local school find volunteers to teach basic English to the Akha, Thai, Lisu and Chinese village children as there is no regular English Teacher

Location: Chiang Rai
Volunteer Work: We need English speaking volunteers for two weeks or preferably longer to teach English. This is a wonderful experience for those who choose to volunteer, as it is a unique opportunity to experience and be part of life in a hill tribe village.
Commitment: 2 weeks minimum
Cost: Accommodation is free, provided at the Akha Hill House and lunch provided Monday to Friday at school. You only have to pay for your breakfast and dinner.


Father Ray Foundation cares for and educates 850 orphaned, abandoned and abused children and disabled students. Located in Pattaya the Foundation relies on volunteers to assist the local Thai staff in providing a better life for its children and students

Location: Pattaya
Volunteer Work: The work schedule varies each day with the volunteers working at all our projects; teaching English at the vocational school for the disabled, accompanying the blind students on a trip to the beach or teaching them English, daily walks with the elderly, spending time with the street kids at the drop-in centre, arts and crafts at the children's village to name just a few activities that the volunteers take part in.
Commitment: 6 months minimum
Cost: Volunteers receive free accommodation and food


Opportunity Foundation is a non-government organization founded in 2007 to care for abused/neglected girls and elderly women in their village. They also have a womens crisis centre and social work programs to serve their community

Location: Nang Rong city, Buriram Province (north-eastern Thailand)
Volunteer Work: Depending on their skills, volunteers can have a variety of tasks such as infant care, tree planting, fish pond building and other landscape jobs. If you have training or experience in child or youth related social work, psychology, child development, infant care, or have experience in some other aspect of child care, from simply having been a parent to a university degree, we would like to talk with you. There are also opportunities to teach English. At the time of writing English teaching volunteers from mature high school age on up are welcome. It is helpful, but not required, to have a TEFL or ESL certificate.
Commitment: 2 months minimum (exceptions made for volunteers with special skills). We welcome volunteer stays for English teaching anywhere from two weeks to a year or more
Cost: There is no cost to participate but volunteers must cover their own living expenses. On a case by case basis, the foundation can provide a room and food in one of our child homes for a few long term female volunteers.


Back Pack Health Worker Team (BPHWT) provides primary healthcare to vulnerable people inside Burma.

Location: Mae Sot
Volunteer Work: The BPHWT has short-term opportunities at its Mae Sot office for qualified non-medical volunteers. The current non-medical volunteer opportunities at the BPHWT are for trainers to enhance/build our staff capacities in: business communications; English literacy; video editing; website design and management. Volunteer capacity building trainers should have the appropriate subject background as well as the ability to teach in a group and one-on-one setting.
Commitment: 3 months minimum
Cost: There is no cost to participate but volunteers must cover their own living expenses.


Thoo Mweh Khee School and Senior College is a migrant school committed to providing education and shelter to mainly Karen refugees from Burma. Most of our students live in dormitories on site. The language medium of TMK school (TMKS) is mostly Karen but English, Thai and Burmese are also taught. The language medium of TMK Senior College (TMKSC) is English with the goal of students having options to proceed to higher education and/or gain employment along the border

Location: Near Phopra township, 50 km (30 miles) south of Mae Sot, Tak Province
Volunteer Work: Volunteers can participate in a wide range of teaching activities from primary, high and senior college levels. They are encouraged to make relationships with our students and teachers with the view of sharing knowledge and increasing understanding. Opportunity is available to become involved in our school's sustainability projects including the garden and animal husbandry projects. A valuable acronym to have is FAT - flexible, adaptable and teachable - together with a sense of humour and adventure. Further example of what volunteers can do: administration, fundraising, arts and crafts, media development and website development and maintenance.
Commitment: 5 months minimum
Cost: For volunteers staying in the on-site teacher house a small donation is requested to help cover to cost of food, rent and maintenance. This is negotiable for longer term volunteers. If eating and staying with students in the dormitory, no donation is required.


ElephantsWorld is a homestay for sick, old, disabled, abused, illegal and street elephants that have come here to receive the rest and joy they deserve after a hard working life. Here, they can enjoy themselves in their own natural environment until the moment they exhale their last breath. Our main rule is: "We humans work for the elephants and the elephants not for us." They can stay here for the rest of their life, and never have to work again. We help bathe them, gather food for them, feed them and provide them with medical care. At each moment you can see how this special, huge, intelligent and sensitive animal enjoys his new life.

Location: Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Volunteer Work: Volunteers will have the opportunity to develop a close relationship with these lovely creatures as you will be with them every day. Besides, it is a great experience to live in the nature and work with the mahouts, learn their culture and their way of living. Volunteer tasks; guiding one day visitors around and telling them about our elephants and Asian elephants in general; feeding, gathering or planting of food in cooperation with visitors and other volunteers. Volunteers must be aged 21 or over and be able to communicate in English. To apply, please send your CV and motivation letter by email.
Commitment: 1 month minimum
Cost: The projects costs 15000 Thai Baht for one month which includes your food (3 meals a day, coffee, tea and drinking water), transportation to and from the city of Kanchanaburi and your accommodation.


Faasai Resort and Spa is a hotel and resort in Chanthaburi on the east coast of Thailand. It is a paradise for nature lovers with abundant bird life, tropical butterflies, and rare trees. It has its own organic orchards and nature reserve which is part of a conservation and organic farming project. We focus on nature farming, following many principles of Permaculture.

Location: Ban Nong Nam Khao, Sanamchai, Chantaburi.
Volunteer Work: The work we assign depends on what needs doing at the time and the experience and skills of the volunteer. Mostly it is working at the farm or in the gardens but sometimes we ask people to help out with guests (e.g. serving in the cafe and sometimes to help out with creative projects). We are always interested in hearing from volunteers with artistic skills.
Commitment: 1 week minimum
Cost: Volunteers are provided with accommodation at the resort in return for five hours work a day, six days a week. We charge 150 Thai Baht per day per person as a contribution towards meals.


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